IDLive™ Face

The world's first passive facial liveness detection.

Stop Face Biometrics Spoofing

The use of facial recognition for authentication is becoming increasingly prevalent — especially on mobile devices. But between easy access to images on social media and advances in digital and print image resolution, facial biometrics has security gaps that fraudsters exploit to successfully spoof a facial recognition system.

Facial liveness has emerged as a way to stop fraud and ensure the integrity of facial biometrics as a means of authentication. Most of today’s technologies are “active”, meaning they require participation by the user such as blinking, turning their head or moving the phone. This results in three issues: First fraudsters are clever and can do things like present a photo cut out with eye holes, use a mask or show a video. Second, challenge-response techniques put them on alert. And lastly, these methods create friction that diminishes the user experience.

Facial liveness detection is critical!

IDLive Face is different. It’s the first truly passive facial liveness detection product that identifies spoofing attempts with NO user participation. Equally important is the fact that the liveness detection occurs in the background, making it completely frictionless for the user while preventing fraudsters from knowing when it’s happening.

Users authorize camera access for applications that use IDLive Face. After that, the technology works passively with mobile, web and IoT interfaces.

IDLive Features

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    Passive UX – no action required
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    Single Shot Analysis 
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    No special capture software required 
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    Cross channel input: mobile, web, stand-alone devices
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    Background implicit method of attack detection
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    Detection of a digital selfie or video
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    Detection of “flat” images
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    Identification of natural face movements (when available)

IDLive Benefits

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    Strengthen the security of mobile and web authentication
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    Eliminate friction by working in the background with no active participation from the user
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    Prevents fraudsters from knowing liveness detection is occuring
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    Ease remote customer onboarding and improve identity proofing processes
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    Reduce fraudulent accounts and account takeovers

Use Cases

Omnichannel icon
Mobile and online face biometric authentication
Strong authentication icon
Remote customer onboarding
SMS for 2FA icon
Biometric-based device login
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Physical biometric access systems

See how facial liveness works.

Don't deploy face recognition for authentication without liveness! IDLive Face is delivered as an SDK that can be integrated with any face recognition software to prevent spoofing attacks. Contact us to learn more.