Two-Factor Authentication Solutions

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is the use of two separate security factors to confirm a user’s claimed identity. There are three types of factors to choose from when building a solution:

1. Something the user knows like a password or PIN
2. Something the user has such as their mobile device or a code sent to you
3. Something the user is, such as a biometric

Two-factor authentication has traditionally included the use of a password as the first security factor. However, with the rise in phishing schemes, breaches, and overall user frustration with passwords, this is beginning to change. Additionally,  commonly used second factors can have vulnerabilities that are exploited by bad actors. A good 2FA solution will be both secure and deliver the usability and convenience today’s consumers demand. ID R&D fills this need with market-leading biometric and liveness products.

Which two-factor authentication is best?

Which two-factor authentication combination is best?  Today, more companies are considering passwordless 2FA solutions that reduce friction in the user experience by eliminating extra steps and the need for secrets such as passwords or answering security questions. Combining something the user has and something the user is provides the best user experience without compromising security. For example, ID R&D enables low-friction, secure authentication using facial recognition and facial liveness detection combined with the user’s mobile device or laptop. ID R&D also enables 2FA solutions to easily integrate of top-rated voice biometrics and anti-spoofing.

One Time Passwords sent over SMS are frequently used as a second authentication factor – often deployed in combination with a standard username/password login. This approach involves sending a code to the user’s mobile number. However, the method is vulnerable to techniques such as SIM swapping and other interception schemes by hackers. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends against the use of SMS for 2FA security due to spoofing concerns.

The benefits of Biometrics for two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions

Biometrics fit perfectly into a modern 2FA solution, offering high security while keeping the user experience fast and easy for improved user acceptance and adoption. For businesses that aren’t ready to eliminate the use of traditional password-based login, biometrics adds an extra layer of security without adding extra effort. Additionally, an enterprise-grade biometric solution enables the user’s device to be used as a second independent factor. The result is the perfect combination of security and UX!

Another advantage of biometrics, is the ease of layering modalities. A multi-modal biometric solution like ID R&D’s ID Squared offers many benefits including the ability to require step-up security based on risk, flexibility for users, and unmatched security.

Strengthen authentication and reduce fraud
Reduce friction in the user experience
Eliminate the expense of token-based and one time password (OTP) systems
Works across desktops and mobile devices

Interested in two-factor authentication solutions?

ID R&D’s biometrics and liveness detection products improve security while ensuring an excellent user experience. Discover a better way to 2FA.