IDFraud™ Contact Center

Fight Telco Subscription Fraud

Introducing an extremely fast and affordable way for Telcos to bolster new subscriber fraud prevention efforts in the contact center. It’s available globally and can be implemented in weeks!

The Telco Fraud Problem

Contact centers predominantly rely on technology such as ANI matching and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to verify caller identities. But for professional fraudsters, these security barriers are easy to bypass. It doesn’t take a skilled criminal long to mine public records, social media sites, the dark web, or use social engineering tactics to find the information needed to commit identity fraud.

When onboarding new subscribers, Telcos have little to rely on beyond weak KBA tools. This opens the door for bad actors to establish accounts and subsequently gain access to expensive devices and services. Given the nature of the business, it can take the Telco weeks or even months to discover subscription fraud.

Fraudsters use stolen or fake identities to set up new accounts
They then gain access to Telco services and equipment
If successful once, fraudsters often strike repeatedly and quickly
It can take weeks or months to discover a fraudulent account

Make Voice Your First Defense in Fighting Telco Subscription Fraud

Voice biometrics is the science of using a person’s voice to verify identity. While a legitimate user won’t have an enrolled voice on file to verify, a repeat fraudster would. This is the power of IDFraud Contact Center. Using ID R&D’s highly rated Text Independent Voice Biometric technology, Telcos can now check new callers against a “watchlist” of known fraudsters. Taking it a step further, the voices of new callers can also be compared against other recently opened accounts to identify the same voice being used by multiple identities.

IDFraud Contact Center is a straight forward, incredibly easy-to-implement solution for detecting fraud without creating friction for the subscriber.

Scan for known fraudsters

Scan for unknown fraudsters who attack repeatedly

Prevent contract denial

  • Compare the voices of callers opening new accounts against a database of known fraudster voices
  • Compare the voices of callers opening new accounts against recently opened accounts to identify the same voice being used across multiple identities
  • Compare voice recordings to stop legitimate users who set up accounts but later claim it wasn’t them

IDFraud Contact Center Solution Components

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    ID R&D’s top rated Text Independent Voice Biometric product, IDVoice
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    Speaker diarization for the ability to quickly and accurately isolate multiple voices in call center recordings and split them into separate audio files
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    Database of voiceprints of known fraudsters
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    Temporary database of voiceprints of recent customers

The ID R&D Difference

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    ID R&D’s modified x-vector technology for Text Independent Voice Biometrics offers exceptional accuracy as evidenced by global challenges
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    Ability to estimate age and gender and match it to the reported age and gender of the customer provided an additional check
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    Speed of 1:N identification against a potentially large fraudster database
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    Ability to work with low quality audio due to compression and noise
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    Language and accent independence
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    No time consuming, costly integration with contact center hardware or software required

Solution Benefits

Detect fraud before it happens
Lessen burden on fraud teams
Reduce fraud losses and lower operational costs
Get up and running easily and inexpensively

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