Fight Call Center Fraud

Stop call center fraud with voice biometrics.

The call center is subject to fraud from bad actors calling in pretending to be someone they aren’t. Call center agents typically rely on knowledge-based authentication (KBA), or something you know, as an extra step of verification. Answsers to questions like “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” and “What’s your zip code?” are easily found on social media and other personally identifiable information is for sale on the Dark Web. With just a few pieces of information, a savvy social engineer can beat just about any KBA process.

Prevent account takeovers

Account takeover attacks happen in the contact center when someone calls pretending to be a valid customer. An altenative to placing the burden of verification on the agent is using voice biometric authentication. Customers go through an easy enrollment process and from then on can be verified by matching their voice to an encrypted voice print. Combining this with voice liveness detection, results in highly accurate caller authentication with no involvement from an agent and minimal customer effort.

Enable frictionless authentication

Voice biometric authentication can also be used to verify an enrolled caller in real-time at the start of their conversation with an agent. This method is not only entirely frictionless for the caller and the agent, but also transparent to a would-be fraudster. It only takes a few seconds, plus customers can be enrolled (with permission) using previous call center recordings.

According to Aite Group, 61 percent of fraud can be traced back to the contact center. They predict that call center fraud loss will double by 2020.

Why IDVoice™

ID R&D’s award-winning IDVoice product delivers highly accurate text independent and text dependent voice verification using industry-leading matching algorithms. The product features advanced speaker diarization capabilities, making it possible to accurately isolate mutliple speakers (agent and customer) in a single channel.

Call Center Benefits

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    Strenghten security and reduce fraud costs
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    Reduce agent time spent on knowledge-based authentication
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    Improve the user experience with fast, easy verification
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    Descrease occurence of account takeovers

Interested in learning more?

One of the key success factors in implementing voice biometrics in the call center is cost-effective, reliable, and easy integration to capture the audio stream and match it to the customer record. ID R&D has worked diligently to simplify this complex challenge for call centers. Talk to our experts about how we might help you.