Call Center Customer Authentication Solutions

Improve contact center authentication with voice biometrics

The contact center is subject to fraud from bad actors pretending to be someone they aren’t. In many situations, call center agents must authenticate a customer’s identity. Generally, the agent prompts the customer for information that only they would know or be able to easily recall. This common knowledge-based authentication process, or KBA, is not only frustrating for users, but easily compromised through social engineering tactics.  Many security questions like “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” and “What’s your place of birth?” have answers that are easily found on social media accounts or for sale on the Dark Web. With just a few pieces of personal information, a savvy social engineer can beat just about any KBA process.

KBA is also a time consuming process — taking a long as 20 seconds to authenticate the caller. In even a medium-sized contact center, 20 seconds is valuable time that quickly adds up.  Reducing the time agents spend manually authenticating customers is one of the primary economic drivers for deploying voice biometrics in the contact center. The other is the strength of using the customer’s voice instead of KBA to achieve higher security.

Prevent Account Takeovers in the call center

The contact center is highly susceptible to Account Takeover (ATO) attacks, whereby criminals obtain access to an account that does not belong to them. Using stolen personal information and PIN codes, fraudsters can authenticate through a self-service IVR in order to perform transactions. Bad actors are also experts at using social engineering tactics to manipulate agents into resetting passwords or changing the address on accounts that don’t belong to them.

Voice biometric authentication transfers the burden of identity verification from customers and agents to the technology. Customers don’t need to keep track of PINs or remember answers to obscure secret questions. The process remove time and effort from authentication – getting callers to the information and transactions fast. And agents, who are trained to be helpful, aren’t faced with difficult authentication scenarios and manipulation.

How ID R&D caller authentication works

Voice biometrics offers a more secure means of identity verification. It is also fast and frictionless for an improved customer experience and reduced agent handling time. After completing a quick biometric enrollment process, customers can be verified by matching their voice to the voice print on file. The voice authentication process is either Text Dependent, where the caller speaks a passphrase, or Text Independent, whereby the call  is verified in real time while interacting with an IVR or contact center agent. Text Independent Speaker Recognition is preferred because it is completely frictionless for the caller and the agent, and it’s invisible to fraudsters. When it comes to fraud, voice biometric anti-spoofing provides another invisible layer of defense that prevents bad actors from using recorded voice, synthetic voice, or other computer altered recording to spoof the voice biometric system.

Why choose IDVoice™ for call center authentication

ID R&D’s award-winning IDVoice product delivers highly accurate text independent and text dependent voice verification using industry-leading matching algorithms. The language-independent product features advanced speaker diarization capabilities, making it possible to accurately isolate multiple speakers (agent and customer) in a single channel.

Introducing IDFraud Contact Center

IDFraud Contact Center offers a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution that help Telcos reduce revenue leakage from new subscriber fraud.  The solution combines voice biometrics with capabilities such as speaker diarization to compare the voices of callers opening new accounts against a database of known fraudster voices. It can also catch new fraudsters by comparing the voices of callers opening new accounts against recently opened accounts to identify the same voice being used across multiple identities.

Call Center Authentication Benefits

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    Strengthen security and reduce fraud costs
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    Reduce agent time spent on knowledge-based authentication
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    Improve the user experience with fast, easy verification
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    Decrease the occurrence of account takeovers

Interested in call center authentication solutions?

One of the key success factors in implementing voice biometrics in the call center is cost-effective, reliable, and easy integration. ID R&D has worked diligently to simplify this complex challenge for call centers. Talk to our experts about how we can help you improve security and reduce friction with voice biometrics for identity verification.