iBeta Tested Liveness Detection - ISO 30107-3 Compliance

iBeta Quality Assurance’s Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing is conducted in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3. iBeta is accredited by NIST/NVLAP (NVLAP Lab Code: 200962) to test and provide results to this PAD standard.

ID R&D’s unique facial liveness detection solution, IDLiveTM Face, passed Level 1 iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) conformance testing with a perfect PAD score.

The iBeta PAD Level 1 Testing Process

This iBeta conformance testing was conducted with IDLive™ Face, which leverages single frame passive liveness detection and requires no user interaction. Testing was conducted on two smartphones considered mid-level (Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with Android 7.0.0 and iPhone 6S Plus with iOS 12.1.4) and was designed to simulate user enrollment into a biometric authentication system.

Spoofing techniques utilized simple, readily available methods to create artifacts of a genuine biometric for use in the presentation attack.  This is considered a Level 1 PAD test effort (first of three levels).

The test method for each device was to apply one bona fide subject presentation that alternated with 3 spoofing attempts, resulting in 135 Presentation Attacks (PAs) and 45 bona fide presentations per species.

ID R&D Results

During the iBeta certification, the application displayed messages with a green ‘Live’ message for successful liveness confirmation or a red ‘Spoof’ for an unsuccessful liveness confirmation.

During the evaluation, iBeta researchers conducted thousands of presentation attacks using subjects’ authentic biometric samples to create artifacts. The materials included photo printouts, mobile device-based photos, and videos captured on mobile phones and laptops. None of these presentation attacks were successful. ID R&D earned an Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate (APCER) of 0% and reached compliance with ISO/IEC 30107-3.

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About iBeta

iBeta is the industry leader in biometrics testing and a globally-acclaimed quality assurance provider offering industry certification and software testing for companies around the globe. iBeta is the only accredited biometrics testing lab by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). With a Quality Management System and biometrics test procedures independently audited by NVLAP in a comprehensive technical evaluation, iBeta Quality Assurance conducts independent biometric testing for wearable and mobile devices using the modalities of facial recognition, palm recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint recognition.

  • “Delivering the highest level of security while also providing a frictionless user experience is our constant mission,” said Konstantin Simonchik, ID R&D Chief Science Officer. “This is extremely difficult to achieve. We invested many man-years to develop the ideal user experience for liveness, a completely passive liveness check, and are proud that our software is also now compliant by the industry’s premier biometric testing lab.”

Learn how to stop spoofing and improve security with IDLive Face, our passive facial liveness product for presentation attack detection.

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