Authentication for Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Enterprises are rapidly adopting conversational interfaces, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, to improve customer service. Users love the speed and convenience, but they also expect the ability to move beyond frequently asked questions to looking up account information and performing transactions. Doing so without forcing customers to switch channels requires reliable mobile-friendly bot authentication.
Imagine the ability to transparently and continuously authenticate a user’s identity – in the background with their normal use of your chatbot or virtual assistant software? Think of a customer typing or speaking their question, “What’s my balance?” and the ability to use that input to authenticate them with previously impossible accuracy levels. This is the power of multi-modal biometric bot authentication.

SafeChat™— Five layers of biometric security. One frictionless experience.

SafeChat™ by ID R&D offers continuous multi-modal biometric bot authentication with no passwords necessary. Users simply start interacting with the chatbot or virtual assistant software. SafeChat uses a combination of voice biometrics, facial recognition and behavioral biometrics to deliver continuous verification, while voice anti-spoofing and passive facial liveness detection stop fraud. Companies can set thresholds based on application risk levels.

Add security to chatbots and virtual assistants. No passwords needed!
Continuously verify identity — not just at initial login
Deliver a frictionless UX with transparent authentication and truly passive anti-spoofing
Deliver rich conversational interfaces that enable users to securely access account information, conduct transactions and make purchases.

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