Anti-Spoofing for Authentication

Legacy authentication methods such as passwords are easily compromised. While biometrics significantly improve security, accurate matching is useless if the biometric is faked. With the right tools, fraudsters can spoof both voice and facial biometrics. Before performing biometric matching to determine you have the right person, it’s critical that you confirm the biometric is that of a real, live person. ID R&D’s voice and face anti-spoofing technology fights fraud and fills this gap.

Voice Anti-Spoofing

Voice Anti-Spoofing software detects fraud attempts by recognizing recorded, computer generated and computer modified voice. IDLive Voice uses AI and advanced algorithms to accurately discern liveness. In fact, IDLive Voice maintained the leadership position in the ASVspoof 2019 challenge.

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Facial Liveness Detection

When using facial recognition for authentication, the ability to detect liveness is imperative. IDLive Face draws extensive research and development, and uses convolutional neural network (CNN) deep learning algorithms to fight fraud and stop spoofing attacks involving photos, cut outs, 3D masks and videos.

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The ID R&D Approach: Passive Liveness

ID R&D is dedicated to creating a frictionless and intuitive user experience for authentication. Consequently, we believe that anti-spoofing technology should work transparently in the background as users interact normally with your apps and devices. When it comes to facial recognition in particular, users shouln’t have to turn their head, blink their eyes, or move the phone to determine liveness. Not only do these actions introduce uneccesary effort, they alert fraudsters that they are being checked.

ID R&D’s voice anti-spoofing technology requires zero user effort to fight fraud. Likewise, IDLive Face is the world’s first truly passive facial liveness detection product.

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ID R&D anti-spoofing and liveness products work independently of biometric matching. As a result, our technology can be integrated with any voice and face biometric verification solution. Want to learn more?