Physical Access Authentication

Many facilities have restricted access. Biometrics offers a way to increase the security of physical access while keeping the process simple for authorized personnel. Typically, biometric access systems use palm, fingerprint and iris. But these systems have drawbacks including the speed of authentication, potential fingerprint spoofing and the fact that many people must touch the same device.

Biometric Access - it's not just fingerprints!

Face and voice biometrics combined with a passive check of liveness offers fast, touch-free and ultra secure verification.

How it works:

Employees or customers stop at the check point, look at a camera and/or speak a phrase
Voice and/or facial liveness is checked to prevent the use of recordings, high resolution images, cut outs, etc.
Once liveness is confirmed, the voice/facial biometric is matched to an encrypted print on your server or in your cloud
Authenticated users gain entry

Learn more about ID R&D biometric physical authentication products

IDVoice TD

Text Dependent Voice Verification

IDVoice TI

Text Independent Voice Verification

IDLive Voice

Voice liveness detection for anti-spoofing

IDLive Face

Passive facial liveness detection for anti-spoofing

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