IDVoice® Verified

Voice Verification and Anti-Spoofing

IDVoice Verified combines ID R&D’s core voice verification biometric engine, IDVoice, with our passive voice liveness detection, IDLive Voice, to create a high-performance solution for strong authentication, fraud prevention, and anti-spoofing verification.

Anti-spoofing verification technology is a critical component in voice biometric authentication for fraud prevention services. Before determining a match, IDVoice Verified ensures that the voice presented is not a recording.


Answers the question: Is this person who they say they are?

  • Text-independent and text-dependent voice verification with best-in-class equal error rates (EER)
  • Works on mobile, web, telephone channels
  • Innovative Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
  • Verification with text-independent phrases as short as one second, making it ideal for AI-based conversational interfaces and chatbots with voice input

IDVoice Verified

Answers the question: Is this a real person?

  • Measurably superior at distinguishing live voices from recordings
  • SDK size – 5 Mb
  • Template size – as low as 240 bytes

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The ID R&D team is dedicated to advancing the performance, security and usability of voice biometrics. This dedication has led to breakthroughs such as our proprietary x-vector technology, which significantly increases voice verification performance and speed. Our efforts have resulted in #1 rankings in industry-standard benchmarks for accuracy and spoof detection.

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