About ID R&D

No need to introduce yourself.

When you greet a friend, you don’t ask for their driver’s license, social security number, or the name of their 2nd grade teacher to confirm their identity. You know them by how they look, act and sound. Shouldn’t all authentication be this easy?

ID R&D is a biometric technology company on a mission to deliver a new generation of “zero-effort” identity verification and authentication. Our vision is a passwordless world where users don’t have to sacrifice security to gain convenience. Imagine the ability to access personal information and perform transactions simply by using your voice or face. Through the science of biometrics and advances in AI, we’re making this vision a reality.

Industry veterans with decades of combined experience in speech technology and biometrics founded ID R&D in 2016. We are a growing team with a shared passion for advancing biometric performance and usability. The company is headquartered in New York City with additional engineering and innovation labs around the world.

Who we serve

Leading identity and biometric solution providers, integrators, and enterprise customers use ID R&D’s core authentication and liveness technology. Additionally, multiple companies are integrating our industry-leading biometric technology into their custom hardware.

ID R&D products are used worldwide in 40 countries.


Whether you are a business exploring biometrics to improve security and remove friction out of your UX or a technology company seeking industry-leading core biometric technology, we'd love to talk.