Continuous Biometric Multimodal Authentication for Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Banks, healthcare providers, retailers, hotels and a range of companies in other industries are deploying chatbots and virtual assistants to meet customer demand for convenient service across digital channels. But the real value comes when we enable these conversational interfaces to do more than answer basic FAQs.

Enabling customers to access personal information and conduct transactions without switching to another channel requires a way to authenticate uses that is both highly secure and user friendly.

Five layers of authentication. Zero Effort.

What if you could transparently and continuously authenticate a user’s identity – in the background with their normal use of your mobile or web app? Imagine a customer typing or speaking their question, “What’s my balance?” and using that input along with other biometric data to authenticate them with previously impossible accuracy. Through AI, advanced algorithms and relentless R&D, ID R&D makes this possible today.

SafeChat™ combines voice, face, and behavioral biometrics with anti-spoofing technology to provide continuous multimodal authentication with no login and password, and no active participation from the user.

Why SafeChat?

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    Does not require logins and passwords
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    Users interact with an application normally – SafeChat works in the background using all available biometrics to enable continuous multimodal authentication
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    Uniquely combines multiple biometric modalities for highly secure authentication
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    Authenticates with every user action through one or more modalities of voice, face, and behavioral (keystroke biometrics)
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    Fights fraudsters by passively detecting voice and face spoofing
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    Ability to apply dynamic thresholding and step-up authentication for higher-risk transactions
SafeChat comprises ID R&D’s industry-leading biometric products, including our IDVoice voice biometric engine, IDAction for behavioral biometrics, and IDLive Voice and IDLive Face for liveness detection. Safechat is pre-integrated with a range of chatbot technologies. We can also work with you to add authentication to an existing solution.

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