IDAction™ Behavioral Biometrics

Continuous behavioral biometrics authentication for mobile and web users

Verify throughout the journey, not just at login

Voice and face biometric technologies rely on physiological characteristics. In contrast, behavioral biometrics authentication uses human activity patterns. Like the physical, behavioral patterns are consistently unique, offering a reliable and frictionless mode of authentication.

ID R&D’s behavioral biometrics authentication product, IDAction, can be used alone or with voice authentication and facial recognition to strengthen security, and to provide passive, continuous verification of a user throughout their journey.

How behavioral biometrics authentication works

IDAction works with widely used devices, including smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets — drawing on machine learning and AI to detect human activity patterns such as the manner and rhythm in which keystrokes are made. In our technology, raw keystroke measurements are captured and synchronized with other sensor data to create a unique biometric template for future authentication. This happens transparently in the background through a users normal interactions with your mobile or web app.

IDAction Features

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    Small SDK footprint as low as 1MB
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    Six symbols of biometric pattern or more
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    Bot detection (mobile, desktop, server platforms)
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    FIDO compatible SDK for the mobile platform

IDAction Benefits

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    Enroll users in the background during their normal interaction
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    Provide an added layer of security without increasing effort
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    Improve the digital user experience
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    Enable continuous authentication to reduce fraud
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    Enhance a standard login with another factor of authentication

IDAction was the top-performing technology in the 2017 Keystroke Biometrics Ongoing Competition (KBOC).

Getting started with IDAction

IDAction is delivered as a behavioral biometric security SDK on multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows, and as a Docker image. Our SDKs can be combined to deliver even more powerful capabilities.
IDAction is part of our SafeChat solution, which provides five layers of biometric security for chatbots and virtual assistants. Additionally, IDSquared combines keystroke dynamics and facial recognition to enhance a standard login/password process with multi-factor authentication.

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