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Computer Vision and Liveness Detection Blog Post

When Computer Vision Meets Liveness

Alexey Grigoriev, Machine Learning Engineer, ID R&D Despite the current progress, computer vision still falls short of human vision, which is remarkably fast at perceiving and understanding a scene and…
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ID R&D ISO 27001 Certificate

ID R&D Achieves ISO 27001 Compliance

ID R&D has achieved ISO 27001 compliance! Watch this Q&A with our Chief Strategy Officer, Ilya Ozerets, and VP of Marketing, Kim Martin, to learn more about the process and what…
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Reflecting on 2020

Reflecting On 2020

By Alexey Khitrov, President and Co-Founder, ID R&D Most of us won’t look back on 2020 and say, “That was a great year!” The pandemic has strained people physically, financially,…
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