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Log4j vulnerability

Q&A on the Log4j vulnerability

News broke late last week that a vulnerability in the Log4j Java logging framework was being exploited by hackers.  What is Log4j? Log4j is a Java-based logging utility that is…
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5 Ways Biometrics Fight Fraud

5 Ways Biometrics Help Fight Fraud

According to the 2020 ACFE Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, organizations worldwide lose an estimated 5 percent of their annual revenue to fraud. November 14-20 is…
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ID R&D celebrates 5 years!

ID R&D Celebrates 5 Years!

ID R&D was founded in 2016 to enable frictionless identity verification and authentication. It’s been an amazing journey so far. This year we have more to celebrate than ever, including…
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