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ID R&D provides industry-leading performance and innovation for IDV providers, integrators, hardware manufacturers, and enterprises looking to quickly enhance or extend their solutions with core biometric capabilities. With a readiness to collaborate and complete deployment and pricing flexibility, it’s easy to embed or resell ID R&D products.

Discover ID R&D's Core Biometric Products

Voice Biometric Authentication

Voice Biometrics: IDVoice®

  • High accuracy demonstrated by strong NIST results and field deployments
  • Breakthrough performance on embedeed hardware
  • Flexibility to deploy in the contact center, mobile apps, messaging platforms, and low-power stand alone devices
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Voice Anti-Spoofing: IDLive® Voice

  • Detects recorded or synthesized speech
  • #1 rated anti-spoofing product in the latest ASVspoof challenge
  • Out-of-the box integration with ID R&D voice biometrics
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Single Image Passive Facial Liveness: IDLive Face

  • Level 1 and Level 2 iBeta ISO 30107 PAD compliance
  • Eliminates friction found in active liveness for a better user experience and lower abandonment rates
  • Works with iOS, Android, web and smart cameras. No client-side software needed.

ID R&D's Proven Product Performance

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    As a core technology provider to the leading identity verification and authentication providers globally, ID R&D technology is subjected to in-depth testing against large, diverse data sets and production traffic at scale
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    ID R&D has excelled in leading industry challenges such as the NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation (SRE) challenge and ASVspoof
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    IDLive Face is the only single image, passive facial liveness to acheive Level 1 and Level 2 iBeta ISO 30107 PAD compliance
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    ID R&D is ISO 27001 compliant; our products are built with controls in place for code quality and protection to mitigate risks
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More Reasons to Partner with ID R&D

Gain a competitive edge with market-leading capabilities
ID R&D’s investment and focus on R&D results in the most advanced algorithms, leadership in industry challenges, and compliance with industry standards. We continually make breakthroughs in accuracy, enable unique capabilities, and deliver on the vision of zero-effort biometric authentication. ID R&D was included in Gartner’s 2019 and 2020 Market Guide for User Authentication, and was named by Opus Research as the core technology provider with the highest strategic potential in their Intelligent Authentication and Fraud Prevention Report.
Free your resources and focus on the bigger picture
It takes time, resources and expertise to build competitive biometric capabilities. Moreover, maintaining technological leadership requires constant training, testing, and development. Why develop and maintain this capability internally, when you can partner with ID R&D to incorporate best-in-class products faster and at a lower cost?
Expand your offerings quickly with our easy to integrate SDKs and Docker Images
ID R&D products support Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. All products are available as an SDK or as a Docker image for server-side installation on your premises or in your cloud, as well as on a mobile device running iOS, Android, or Linux.
Improve margins with flexible business models
We work hard to be easy to work with. Our flexible terms and pricing plans are designed to align with your business model and requirements. Our goal is to deliver superior products at a fair price — enabling you to win more deals.

Build on ID R&D

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    Focused investment in R&D and deep expertise that results in superior technology and products
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    Consistently first to market with new capabilities
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    Implementation of the the latest advancements in AI and Convolutional Neural Networks
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    A company-wide dedication to partner collaboration and support

Ready to learn more?

We’re here to answer your questions! We can also set up quick access to our SDKs or Docker images so you can get started with an evaluation.