IDLive® Voice - Clone Detection

Gain protection from fraud and misinformation with detection of voice clones and audio deepfakes

IDLive Voice – Clone Detection offers protection from bad actors impersonating their victims to commit fraud and crime. The software operates as a standalone library or in concert with either IDLive Voice or IDVoice®.

Voice cloning is a technology that uses AI to replicate a person’s voice. This process involves analyzing a sample of the person’s voice to understand its unique characteristics. Once the system has learned these features, it can generate new speech in the same voice.

Why use voice clone detection?

Covert use of a voice clone is a strong signal of an attempt by a bad actor to: 

  • Defeat biometric security
  • Conduct identity theft and account takeover
  • Create synthetic identities
  • Conduct vishing attacks and extortion
  • Spread misinformation
  • Falsely attribute statements
  • Impersonate talent

Ground-breaking technology

Features and Benefits

  • Detect voice clones in the microphone channel (16 kHz)
  • Detect replay, hardware- and software-based attacks
  • Detect clones created by any of the leading clone tech providers
  • Requires just 3 seconds of audio
  • Language independent

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