NIST facial liveness report ranks ID R&D first for security and convenience in photo print and replay detection

ID R&D affirms leadership in passive facial presentation attack detection with more top ranks than any other participant in impersonation attack categories

NEW YORK, September 29 — ID R&D, a Mitek company and award-winning provider of AI-based liveness detection and biometrics, announced its exemplary performance in a NIST evaluation of 82 passive facial presentation attack detection (PAD) algorithms, the first test of its kind. The results show ID R&D ranking first in detecting several critical attack types and earning more top rankings than any other developers in the categories entered. The NIST evaluation results reinforce ID R&D’s position as one of the industry’s leading providers of passive facial liveness. ID R&D recently published an FAQ to help answer questions about the test.

Particularly notable in the test results are top rankings for ID R&D in both security and convenience for detection of photo print and replay impersonation attacks. Detection of these common attacks is vital to protecting digital onboarding and authentication from fraud, but it must be done without burdening legitimate users with false positives.

“NIST is among the world’s most respected experts in assessing commercial biometric algorithms, and so we are appreciative of their work on PAD and thrilled with the results of this thorough evaluation,” said Alexey Khitrov, CEO of ID R&D. “For our team, our performance serves not only as validation of our belief that biometric security should be frictionless, but also compelling evidence that the current generation of liveness is capable of delivering both security and convenience.”

“We are immensely proud of our team for the results achieved, and the innovations and patents upon which they’re based. It’s a clear demonstration of the essential role of AI in biometric security.” added Konstantin Simonchik, Chief Security Officer of ID R&D. “Using just a single image frame, we’ve managed to achieve near-zero error rates with a solution that is completely transparent to users, setting a new benchmark for the industry.”

NIST Internal Report 8491 documents the results of the evaluation of 82 algorithms from 45 developers tested for two use cases: impersonation and evasion. ID R&D participated only in the impersonation tests (see results of “top performers” summarized in Table 1) and not the evasion tests. The evasion use case results involve detection of attacks intended to evade a positive identification in a database, as opposed to impersonating a particular victim. Within each use case are measurements for several presentation attack types, including silicon masks, photo prints, and replay attacks. For each attack type, there were figures provided for both a convenience-focused metric and a security-focused metric.

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