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    Be sure to join the session:
    How Generative AI Impacts Borders Security: From Presentation Attacks to Deepfakes and Morphing – Identifying Best Practices and Solutions.

    In this session our very own, Oleg Kovpak, Director of Products, will delve into:

    • The latest advancements and state-of-the-art practices in mitigating Gen-AI based threats
    • Emergence of sophisticated injection attacks and presentation attacks  
    • The essential role of live capture in ensuring the integrity of the biometric verification process

    We will be featuring exciting innovations in our booth. Here is a sneak peek.

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    Injection Attack Detection

    Prevent deepfake fraud on desktop, mobile and web apps.

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    IDLive® Face

    Fight spoofing with passive liveness detection

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    Take the Deepfake Challenge

    Stop by to see if you can spot the deepfakes in our new deepfake game.

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    Product Information

    IDLive® Face

    Read about ID R&D’s iBeta Levels 1 and 2 compliant passive Facial Liveness Detection product. Fight spoofing attacks during identity verification and authentication.

    IDLive Doc

    Our newest product enables Document Liveness Detection. Ensure that documents used for identity verification are original and not digital copies.


    Learn about our market-leading Voice Biometrics. Rated #1 in the Short Duration Speaker Verification (SdSV) challenge.

    IDLive Voice

    Secure Voice Biometrics against spoofing attacks including recordings and synthetic voice deepfakes.

    Voice Authentication in WhatsApp

    See how Voice Biometrics works with WhatsApp for Business to enable secure and frictionless in-app payments.

    Resource Center

    View and download PDFs of our product overview brochures.


    IDLive Face Passive Facial Liveness
    Voice and Face Biometrics in a Mobile App
    IDLive Doc Document Liveness Detection

    We look forward to seeing you at ID@Borders!