AI-driven Voice Verification with IDVoice™

IDVoice™ is ID R&D’s core voice biometric engine, offering highly accurate voice verification capabilities. IDVoice supports Text Dependent and Text Independent matching for a variety of authentication use cases.


IDLive™ Face – Passive Facial Liveness

ID R&D offers the industry’s first truly passive liveness detection product. The technology is a critical component to preventing fraud and increasing security in solutions that use facial liveness for authentication and digital identity proofing.


Opus Research: Vendors that Matter Report

In this free paper, Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder with Opus Research, writes about how simple user authentication and verification are long-standing impediments to viral growth, acceptance and adopting of Conversational Commerce platforms and services.


How AI-Based, Zero-Effort Authentication is Changing the Customer Experience

Opus Research report looks at how new authentication technologies in personalized digital self-service can help in fraud prevention and provide a seamless, almost imperceptible, user experience. “Zero-effort authentication” enables intelligent automation, reduced customer effort (no more PINs and passwords), and improved confidence in security. Enterprises are building zero-effort authentication strategies for greater convenience and less effort to validate a consumer’s identity thus increasing customer loyalty and reducing operational costs.