ID R&D Announces Rapid Growth in Passive Facial Liveness Usage

Unique product detects biometric spoofing attacks without adding friction for legitimate users

NEW YORK, August 19, 2020 — ID R&D, the award-winning biometrics technology provider offering AI-based voice, face, and behavioral biometrics and voice and face anti-spoofing products, today announces the latest version of its passive facial liveness detection SDK, IDLive Face 1.14. The new release further optimizes the performance of the breakthrough product, including lowering false rejects, and introduces support for a wider variety of presentation attacks including sophisticated  3D masks. The result is improved security and usability for legitimate users. Additionally, the product is available for offline deployment on standalone devices, such as kiosks and access control systems. 

ID R&D passed Level 1 iBeta testing and achieved ISO 30107-3 compliance in December 2019. Unlike other facial liveness detection products, IDLive Face achieves the highest levels of accuracy with a unique passive, single-frame approach that keeps friction out of the liveness check. The product uses the same selfie taken for facial matching with no need for active and often awkward participation, such as gesturing, getting spotlighted with colors,, head turning, or smiling.

Identity verification and authentication providers across the globe who have incorporated IDLive Face into their solutions report that clients are experiencing an immediate ROI when switching from an active solution to passive liveness. For example, one partner recently reported that abandonment rates during onboarding liveness checks have fallen from 30% or more to less than 3% after moving from an active approach to ID R&D’s passive liveness. 

The ability to remove friction during liveness checks is driving strong demand for IDLive Face – particularly for remote onboarding solutions. customers report decreased abandonment rates, improved fraud detection, and a reduction in support calls. In addition to remote onboarding, IDLive Face is in production with mobile applications and access control systems worldwide. One ID R&D partner verifies millions of people worldwide every day. Following a 10-location pilot with a building management company, they report that customer satisfaction has improved significantly since allowing tenants to access secured locations with nothing more than a quick facial match and passive liveness check. A prior solution leveraged key cards which were frequently lost or forgotten. Based on the success of the pilot, the capability is now being rolled out at scale. 

In the first half of 2020, ID R&D added dozens of new passive facial liveness customers, including white label agreements with some of the industry’s leading Identity Verification providers. Additionally, production traffic is growing exponentially with a month over month increase of more than 200%.

ID R&D has released several resources to help the market better understand passive facial liveness, including:

  • A whitepaper titled, “The Important Role of Liveness Detection in Face Biometric Authentication”. Read it here.
  • A tech brief titled, “Understanding Single Frame Passive Facial Liveness”. Read it here.
  • A recorded demo of IDLive Face passive facial liveness. Watch it here.

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