ID R&D and SimpleTech Launch World’s First Implementation of Voice Authentication in WhatsApp

Enables businesses to provide frictionless security for in-chat payments

NEW YORK and MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, Jan 27, 2021 — ID R&D, a provider of AI-based voice and face biometrics, and Wittybots by SimpleTech, a powerful software for RPA and conversation management, have launched the first in-app voice biometric authentication capability within WhatsApp for Business. Now businesses can move beyond using WhatsApp for simple customer service requests to enable secure interactions and payments based on a person’s voice. The user simply taps the microphone icon to record and  send a short voice message for authentication.

With over 1.5 billion monthly users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. Companies use WhatsApp Business API to answer questions, send delivery updates, provide purchase receipts, and send boarding passes. It’s already used across banking, insurance, healthcare and retail: IDBI Bank in India and Absa have recently begun servicing their customers through WhatsApp – 400 million out of 1.5 billion of WhatsApp users are in India.

WhatsApp Business API doesn’t provide a way to properly confirm the identity of the customer. SimpleTech and ID R&D have developed the first two-factor authentication for WhatsApp that solves this security issue. It takes 20 seconds to enroll a voice passphrase right within WhatsApp and it can be used anytime the user needs to verify their identity. The voice is instantly matched (voice biometrics) and checked for authenticity to protect against spoofing (voice liveness), using ID R&D algorithms. In turn, users can trust verified WhatsApp business accounts with a green check mark to keep their data safe.

“Our solution allows businesses to safely communicate with their customers via WhatsApp Business API. The unique combination of Wittybots by SimpleTECH and ID R&D’s voice biometrics gives businesses the ability to secure automated payments and more without the friction and vulnerability of passwords, PINs and another knowledge-based authentication,” said Alexey Khitrov, President ID R&D.

Learn more and try it on WhatsApp.

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