ID R&D advances biometric security to address growing threat of deepfake fraud

IDLive Face Plus adds detection of digital injection attacks, where virtual cameras and browser code hacks are used to bypass liveness and biometric security 

NEW YORK, February 22, 2023 — ID R&D today introduced IDLive Face Plus to address the growing security threat posed to institutions and consumers by deepfakes and digital injection attacks. As deepfakes have become more realistic and easier to produce, injection attacks are an increasingly common method used to spoof biometrics.

In 2023, 20 percent of successful account takeover attacks will leverage deepfakes (Gartner).

ID R&D’s latest innovation arrives at a time when new survey data from the company shows 91 percent of businesses acknowledge that they or their customers are concerned about deepfake fraud, with 42 percent having encountered deepfake attacks. Also, 84 percent of the same respondents express similar concern about injection attacks, with 37 percent having firsthand exposure. More than half (51 percent) state that chatbot-enabled fraud is on their radar as a credible threat.

IDLive Face Plus adds detection of digital injection attacks, where fraudsters use hardware and software hacks to substitute a biometric capture with fake digital imagery. It is the first known product to help ensure a proper selfie capture on both desktops and mobile devices with a frictionless approach that eliminates user abandonments caused by complicated security checks.

“ID R&D’s innovative approach to combating deepfakes will help us stay ahead of the increasing realism of digitally-created faces without burdening people with security tasks,” commented Alexey Khitrov, CEO and Co-Founder of ID R&D. “We are laser-focused on helping our customers and partners leverage biometrics to their full potential to make their digital identity solutions not only more secure, but easy to use.”

How it works

Identity verification and authentication techniques that use facial recognition rely on liveness detection to ensure that a live human face is in front of the camera during biometric capture. While presentation attacks involve “presenting” non-live imagery to the camera, such as photos on paper or digital screens, injection attacks use hardware and software hacks to bypass the camera altogether. Without countermeasures, fraudsters can “inject” digital facial imagery into a capture device in a way that defeats certain liveness detection measures.

ID R&D’s research-driven, “frictionless first” approach to fighting fraud continues to yield innovative solutions for their partners that avoid the pitfalls of techniques that inconvenience people and cause abandonments during onboarding and login. IDLive Face Plus draws upon a wealth of data and expertise in computer vision and deep neural networks while advancing the mission of making security transparent to users.

Visit us at Mobile World Congress and learn more

ID R&D will demonstrate IDLive Face Plus in Hall 6 Stand E59 at Mobile World Congress, taking place in Barcelona from February 27 through March 2.

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