ID R&D’s CEO Gives Talk on Multi-Modal Biometrics for Conversational Interface; Supporting Conversational Interface

Washington, DC: May 3, 2018 – Alexey Khitrov, CEO & Co-founder of ID R&D, spoke at ConnectID 2018 on multi-modal biometrics. The conference centers around authentication and identity and the application of technology that will enable users to get more use out of their devices without the slowdown of security protocols. Alexey’s talk focused on how conversational interface and multimodal biometrics are changing the way we interact with institutions that secure our data and hold onto our assets. Conversational interfaces are becoming so integrated with our daily lives that we don’t think twice about making a purchase online or send sensitive information to a colleague. The positive affect is that it is great for business and creates a seamless execution of transferring data/money. However, with the good come the bad. It has led to unauthorized transactions from fraudsters and loved ones, the latter being by mistake or innocuously. Multi-modal biometrics will help neutralize the threats(s) and make onboarding completely seamless.

Alexey’s talk gave the audience a snapshot of what is available and what’s to come. He also showed the companies that ID R&D can help mitigate the negative effects, concurrently enhancing the positive effects of the biometric technology.

About ID R&D

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