Authenticating Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Using SafeChat; Continuous Authentication

New York, NY: Monday, October 30, 2017 – In its move to provide end-users with the next generation of authentication solutions, ID R&D presents SafeChat Chatbot & Virtual Assistant. It is a text-independent artificial intelligence (AI) that couples keystroke dynamics, behavioral and voice biometrics for continuous, frictionless authentication for chatbots and virtual assistants. SafeChat is an AI-based solution that continually authenticates the user through their voice interactions, typing mannerisms and behaviors, and facial recognition. This solution’s high-level security features do not require very much participation from the end-user.

ID R&D is a company built around one of the strongest R&D teams in the market (25+ years of experience in biometrics) and produces solutions that combine a multi-factor, multi-modal biometric authentication technology with an unparalleled user experience. ID R&D is proud to have developed this text-independent chatbot solution as it will be able to help enterprises communicate with end-users in a secure and convenient way. SafeChat incorporates behavioral, voice and face biometrics all with an easy- to-use interface. SafeChat allows for both voice and typing input into chatbots and virtual assistants. SafeChat does not prompt the user to take any actions, there are no passwords because it is text- independent.

“Artificial Intelligence and frictionless biometrics are things of the present – not the future” says Alexey Khitrov, the CEO and co-founder of ID R&D. “We are seeing the launch of devices running voice interface and enterprise chatbots taking the market by storm. Digital Assistants (DA) are a large market and Chabot’s are up-and-coming with more demand than ever before. Companies see the benefits of having an AI respond to customers’ questions, comments or concerns without any drawbacks. The fact that you can simply interact with the enterprise in a secure way without any complications for user experience revolutionizes not only the customer service segment, but also the ability of the enterprise to conduct monetary transactions through chatbots and DA. Based on a report by Oracle on the future role of humans and customer experience, 36% of respondents already use chatbots and 44% plan on using it by 2020. The world is moving towards the next stage of technology and becoming more inclined to work with AI because of the numerous benefits that it offers, such as cost savings, time savings, and enhanced customer experiences. With the new solution, ID R&D will help revolutionize chatbots and enhance this medium.

The launch of SafeChat took place at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas on Monday, October 23, 2017.

About ID R&D

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