Frictionless biometric authentication and
liveness detection

ID R&D uses the power of AI and the science of biometrics to transform the user experience.

Frictionless biometric authentication and liveness detection

ID R&D uses the power of AI and the science of biometrics to transform the user experience.

Surprisingly effortless. Significantly more secure.

ID R&D combines extensive research in the science of biometrics with advances in AI to deliver award-winning voice, face, and behavioral biometric authentication software. We’re on a mission to make authentication simultaneously frictionless and significantly more secure. ID R&D technology works with digital and traditional interaction channels, IoT devices, embedded hardware and more.

Effortless Biometric Authentication

It’s getting harder than ever for businesses to protect themselves and their customers against fraud and data breaches.
Traditional authentication methods are not only frustrating; they are vulnerable to hacking.

Passwords are failing businesses and customers alike. Forgotten credentials, locked accounts, and time-consuming reset processes frustrate users who, on average, have more than 20 passwords to keep track of. These headaches lead to bad password hygiene — even in the midst of frequent security breaches. A PYMNTS study found that approximately 59 percent of consumers use the same password across multiple accounts, allowing cybercriminals to do even more harm once a password is exposed.

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According to the FIDO Alliance, passwords are the root cause of 80% of data breaches. As more and more stories of cyber attacks and sophisticated social engineering attacks surface, businesses seek stronger authentication processes and technologies.

Unfortunately, “strong security” often results in complexity in the form of difficult to remember passwords, more frequent password changes, extra authentication steps and security challenge questions. And worse, some of these approaches continue to put users and companies at risk. For instance, the FBI recently sent a security advisory warning of attacks that bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions.

What if there was an alternative that could strengthen security and improve the user experience?

This is where ID R&D comes in.

IT research firm Gartner predicts that by 2022, 60% of large businesses and almost all medium-sized companies will have cut their dependence on passwords by half. Many are turning to biometrics.

Backed by deep expertise and an extreme focus on R&D, we develop best-in-class biometric authentication software that is accurate, fast and user-friendly. The result is stronger security and an effortless user experience.

ID R&D delivers a complete approach to biometric authentication by answering two questions. First, is the person who they claim to be? This is the identity verification or matching step. Second, is the person a real person? This is the liveness step that combats spoofing or deepfake attacks. And we do this without friction.

With ID R&D, businesses get the most user-friendly experience on the market, combined with industry-leading, AI-driven biometric authentication capabilities.

Our Biometric Authentication Technology

Our flexible biometric authentication SDKs enable businesses and partners to quickly take advantage of award-winning core technology and unique functionality for identity verification and liveness detection across online, mobile, traditional voice and physical access devices.

ID R&D has developed a unique approach to biometric authentication that doesn’t require storage of any biometric data.

ID R&D’s SDKs and solutions are built on the following biometric technologies:

Voice Biometrics: Compares the characteristics of a person’s voice with a stored voice template or “voiceprint” to determine a match.

Facial Biometrics: Compares the distinctive patterns of a person’s facial structure, not eye or skin color, against a previously stored template to determine a match.

Behavioral Biometrics: Uses uniquely identifiable patterns in a person’s activity like the way they type, also called “keystroke dynamics”, to verify their identity.

Liveness Detection: Whereas biometric authentication verifies a user is a match with the authorized user, liveness detection identifies presentation attacks including the use of photos, masks, video, recorded voice, computer-generated voice and more to impersonate an authorized user.

ID R&D offers the #1 rated speaker recognition technology, the #1 rated voice anti-spoofing technology and the first-ever passive facial liveness detection software, making it easier than ever to help the right people get to the right information, while filtering out imposters.

About Us

Since 2016, we’ve stayed committed to using the latest advances in AI and machine learning to deliver best-in-class biometric software. But we didn’t stop there. With a mission of reducing user frustration and risk, we’ve created unique capabilities that enable a new era of frictionless authentication. Our efforts have earned us the top spots in the industry’s leading technical challenges and recognitions including being named Top Fintech Pick, TechCrunch Disrupt SF, and top ten in Microsoft’s AI Global Startup Competition.

Let us help you build a stronger, more secure business all while eliminating friction and improving the user experience.  Our biometric authentication SDKs will put you on the fast path to deploying industry-leading security capabilities.

IDLive™ Face

Passive Facial Liveness Detection

Prevent spoofing attacks in face biometric authentication and improve Digital Onboarding with the world’s first passive facial liveness detection. Our biometric authentication security software is easy for users and is iBeta Level 1 and 2 ISO 30107-3 compliant.


5 Layers of Biometric Security, Zero Effort

Eliminate the need for passwords while providing transparent, continuous biometric authentication for chatbots, virtual assistants and messaging applications. SafeChat secures your digital channels and delivers a better customer experience!


Audio Event Detection

Turn any internet-connected hardware with a microphone into a security and safety-monitoring device. IDAudio provides highly accurate AI-driven sound recogntion for a range of use cases.

Why ID R&D?

Our award-winning, AI-driven authentication solutions combine voice, face and behavioral biometrics with unique passive liveness capabilities for effortless authentication across mobile, web and telephone channels, as well as conversational interfaces and IoT devices. With one of the strongest R&D teams in the industry, our software development kits consistently bring to the market innovative biometric capabilities that raise the bar in terms of usability and performance.



With an intense commitment to R&D, we use AI and the latest x-Vector technology to deliver the fastest, most accurate biometric solutions on the market.



We deliver award-winning voice anti-spoofing and the world’s first truly passive facial liveness detection to detect and stop fraud. This is a critical component of any face biometric solution! IDLive Face is iBeta tested and Level 1 and Level 2 ISO 30107-3 Compliant.



The best UX is no UX. Deliver biometric authentication on your mobile, web, IOT, custom devices, and conversational interfaces with very little or no involvement from a user.



ID R&D consistently achieves top positions in industry-standard benchmarks for accuracy and spoof detection, including the leader position in ASVspoof 2019.

CyberTech100 Badge

FinTech Global CyberTech100

AI Breakthrough Award Best Biometric Solution

Finovate Awards Finalist

Finovate Awards Finalist - Best ID Management Solution

TC Top Pick in FinTech for Disrupt SF 2018

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