INFOGRAPHIC: The case for Biometrics in the midst of COVID-19

Why Biometrics? Biometrics Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated interest in biometrics and contactless biometrics in particular. Phishing attacks and fraud are increasing sharply, causing all types of business to look for ways to strengthen authentication using biometrics for verification and anti-spoofing. For some, it’s also about enabling “business as usual”, even at a time when it’s anything but. For example, financial institutions must ensure secure, user-friendly digital onboarding for new customers who need to open accounts, apply for loans and more online.

But it’s not just about digital. With people being more aware than ever of the dangers of coming into contact with infected surfaces, contactless is the new normal — from pizza delivery to classrooms to medical consultations. When it comes to secured physical access we often can’t avoid interaction with payment systems and ATMs, key cards for building security and so much more. This is another area where biometrics, particularly voice and face, can help.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) says now is the time for businesses everywhere to begin the transition toward a passwordless future and look to biometric authentication as the contactless solution. We’ve put together the following infographic with some statistics that show the growing need for biometrics. You can also download a pdf copy.