Introducing IDLive® Voice Clone Detection

Protection against voice clones, synthetic voices, and audio deepfakes
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IDLive® Voice Clone Detection is the newest technology innovation providing fraud detection against voice clones and audio deepfakes. It’s unique capability detects clones in both presentation and more complex injection attacks. An industry first. It only requires three seconds of audio and is language independent.

    Defend Against Voice Clones with IDLive® Voice Clone Detection

    Learn how cyber threats, including Voice Clones crafted from just seconds of audio, pose serious risks to digital security. Discover IDLive® Voice Clone Detection: a powerful solution designed to differentiate real from fake speech patterns in just three seconds. Protect your organization and customers from identity theft and account takeover attacks. To learn more, request an Eval today.

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    Announcing ID R&D Voice Clone Detection

    Voice cloning enables many beneficial applications, but can also help bad actors commit crimes and erode public trust by impersonating people without their consent.

    Demo: Voice Clone Detection

    Learn how ID R&D can protect you from fraud, misinformation and audio deepfakes with voice clone detection.

    Voice Clones & Audio Deepfakes: Security Threats Are Real

    Generative AI has driven an unprecedented advancement of voice technologies, resulting in the ability to create hyper-realistic audio deepfakes and voice clones. AI Leadership Insights

    In this AI Leadership Insights video interview, Amanda Razani speaks with Alexey Khitrov, founder of ID R&D, about ID voice technology.

    Recent Voice Clone Scams Making The News

    Taylor Swift Voice Clone Scam Raising Eyebrows

    In the recent New York Times article, No, That’s Not Taylor Swift Peddling Le Creuset Cookware, the rise of AI-based deepfake fraud claiming fake product endorsements by celebrities was highlighted; the most recent victims being “Swifties” (aka Taylor Swift fans).

    Selena Gomez Voice Clone Scam in the News

    Join us as we delve into the rise of AI-generated deepfakes and their detrimental impact on consumer trust, with Selena Gomez as the latest victim. Discover how ID R&D dissects these fraudulent ploys, unveiling the truth behind deceptive product endorsements.

    Product Information

    IDLive® Voice Clone Detection

    Gain protection from fraud and misinformation with detection of voice clones and audio deepfakes


    Learn about our market-leading Voice Biometrics. Rated #1 in the Short Duration Speaker Verification (SdSV) challenge.


    Secure Voice Biometrics against spoofing attacks including recordings and synthetic voice deepfakes.

    Voice Authentication in WhatsApp

    See how Voice Biometrics works with WhatsApp for Business to enable secure and frictionless in-app payments.