The Invigilator Adds ID R&D Biometrics To Online Assessment Mobile App For The Education Sector

Invigilator Mobile App 

The Invigilator mobile app offers a low-cost, easily accessible alternative to online proctoring software


NEW YORK, April 27, 2021 — ID R&D, the award-winning biometrics and liveness technology provider, announced that The Invigilator (Pty) Ltd has selected ID R&D’s passive facial liveness detection and voice biometric products to power core functionality in its Invigilator mobile app. The app helps ensure the academic integrity of online assessments through physical verification detection and monitors and flags talking during assessments and examinations.

Even before COVID-19, the education sector was experiencing growing demand for distance learning options. However, risks associated with online proctored exams, including students obtaining help from friends and family, jeopardize the integrity of virtual academic programs. While this has led to an increase in automated proctoring software, traditional solutions present challenges. Many are expensive to implement and require students to have modern laptops and high-speed internet connections, limiting accessibility.

The Invigilator is a mobile app that works with widely available smartphones. To further support inclusivity, it is the only mobile-based solution of its kind that does not require a constant internet connection.

ID R&D’s passive facial liveness product, IDLive® Face, is used to prevent fraud during onboarding and authentication. When registering for the app, the student takes a selfie which is verified against the institution’s database and used to create a biometric template for future logins. Facial liveness detects spoofing attempts whereby a person tries to impersonate the real user with a photo, video replay, or mask. Throughout an assessment, students are randomly asked to take a selfie, ensuring that the real user is indeed taking the exam. 

The addition of ID R&D’s voice biometric product, IDVoice™, further facilitates student monitoring in a non-invasive manner by identifying the presence of speech during testing. Audio recordings are randomly captured throughout the assessment and analyzed by The Invigilator for voice activity. Instructors can then listen to flagged recordings to determine if the student received help. IDVoice’s advanced Voice Activity Detection (VAD) capabilities automate the process of monitoring assessments. Now, instructors only have to listen to flagged recordings for potential cheating, which is a massive time savings. 

“The ability to provide safe and secure online testing outside of traditional venues is a growing need for not just universities, but any institution offering assessments, training, and certifications,” said Nicholas Riemer, Director and Co-founder of The Invigilator. “Our mission was to develop a solution that would work for all users, not just those with high-speed internet and the latest smartphones. ID R&D helps us ensure exam integrity while keeping user friction and technology requirements low.”

“We applaud The Invigilator’s efforts to remove complexity and cost from remote proctoring during a time of profound change for students and educators worldwide,” said Steve Cook, Global Head of Business Development at ID R&D. “The ability to remove barriers that impede successful distance learning will remain a top focus for education institutions long after the pandemic ends.”

Learn more about The Invigilator application or contact the ID R&D team if you’re interested in biometrics and liveness technology.