Reports and Whitepapers


Opus Research: Vendors that Matter Report

In this free paper, Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder with Opus Research, writes about how simple user authentication and verification are long-standing impediments to viral growth, acceptance and adopting of Conversational Commerce platforms and services.


How AI-Based, Zero-Effort Authentication is Changing the Customer Experience

Opus Research report looks at how new authentication technologies in personalized digital self-service can help in fraud prevention and provide a seamless, almost imperceptible, user experience. “Zero-effort authentication” enables intelligent automation, reduced customer effort (no more PINs and passwords), and improved confidence in security. Enterprises are building zero-effort authentication strategies for greater convenience and less effort to validate a consumer’s identity thus increasing customer loyalty and reducing operational costs.

Single Frame Paper Thumbnail

TECH BRIEF: Understanding Single Frame Passive Facial Liveness

“How do you do that?” This is one of the first questions we get once people experience ID R&D’s Passive Facial Liveness Detection. To help address this common question, we wrote a Tech Brief, “Understanding Single Frame Passive Liveness.” The paper dives a little deeper into our single frame approach to facial liveness, including how it works and the advantages for both users and developers.


Whitepaper: IDFraud Contact Center

IDFraud™ Contact Center is a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution is designed to help Telcos reduce revenue leakage from new subscriber fraud. Tap into the strength of ID R&D’s voice biometrics and advanced speaker diarization to detect and stop repeat fraudsters fast. Learn how in this detailed whitepaper.


Whitepaper: The Role of Liveness Detection in Face Biometric Authentication

Facial Liveness Detection is vital for fighting fraud during identity proofing. However, not all solutions work the same way. Some approaches frustrate and confuse users, leading to increased abandonment during Digital Onboarding. Read our whitepaper for an overview of how the technology works, an in-depth look at active vs passive approaches, and important considerations when choosing a solution for your business.