ID R&D Reports Explosive Growth As Passive Facial Liveness Becomes The New Standard

Forecasts even stronger growth in 2021 as liveness transactions spike and demand for voice biometrics increases

Growth Highlights:

  • 140 percent increase in number of customers over the last 12 months
  • New customers include large biometric integrators and eKYC providers
  • Expanded geographic presence to 38 countries
  • Securing millions of transactions monthly with passive facial liveness checks; 50 percent month-over-month growth in transaction volume

NEW YORK, Jan 7, 2021 — ID R&D, the award-winning biometrics and liveness technology provider, announced that it has more than doubled the number of new customers in the last 12 months. Explosive demand for passive facial liveness and expansion into new use cases for voice biometrics, including embedded voice biometrics for edge processing and call centers is fueling the growth.

ID R&D’s success in 2020 is indicative of the increased importance of securing digital identities, accounts, and transactions. It also reflects heightened demand for remote onboarding and authentication solutions that simplify the user experience.

“Over the past year the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and, subsequently, rising fraud. Companies are more focused than ever on finding ways to strengthen security during remote access and onboarding, but at the same time recognize this can’t come at the expense of the customer experience,” said Alexey Khitrov, President at ID R&D. “A new generation of biometrics and passive liveness has emerged as a way to protect customers and reduce risk, while eliminating the friction associated with traditional identity verification and authentication.”

ID R&D is committed to pushing the technological  boundaries of what’s possible with biometrics including achieving breakthroughs in both accuracy and usability. In October, ID R&D’s IDLive™ Face became the first and only single image, passive liveness detection product to achieve iBeta Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection compliance in accordance with ISO/IEC 30107-3, and it did so with 0% errors for both presentation attacks and bona fide images. In 2020 the team implemented further improvements to overcome age and ethnicity biases. The product represents the next generation of frictionless facial recognition anti-spoofing.

On the voice biometrics front, ID R&D is working with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world to reduce the cost of deploying voice biometrics in the contact center, bring voice authentication to mobile and messaging channels, and power new use cases for embedded speaker verification in consumer devices.  In 2020 ID R&D released a streaming interface, enabling continuous voice authentication, and  a 2x improvement in accuracy with 16 kHz audio. ID R&D’s technology advancements in 2020 laid the groundwork for new voice biometric product capabilities to be announced in 2021.

In December ID R&D achieved a PECB Management System Certificate, demonstrating that its Information Security Management System (ISMS) meets the standards of the ISO 27001: 2013 model of implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement. The certification provides clients with even more confidence in ID R&D’s business resilience, management processes, and ability to manage sensitive information.

About ID R&D

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