ID R&D ranks first in speaker recognition challenge, highlighting strength of voice biometrics for frictionless security

The first-place finish in VoxCeleb 2023 demonstrates the best-in-class performance of IDVoice® for securing conversational speech without passphrases

NEW YORK,  August 29, 2023 — ID R&D, a global leader in AI-based voice biometrics and liveness detection, today announced the first-place finish of its award-winning IDVoice product in the 2023 VoxCeleb Speaker Recognition Challenge (VoxSRC 2023 Track 2). The win highlights the utility of IDVoice® for authentication without passphrases, useful for securing conversations such as with generative AI-powered chatbots.

VoxSRC, organized by esteemed institutions including the University of Oxford, Google Research, Meta AI, and AWS AI, is designed to evaluate the proficiency of current methodologies in recognizing speakers from speech samples obtained “in the wild”. The dataset used for testing is sourced from online celebrity interview videos and encompasses a wide range of audio content, from professionally edited segments to casual multi-speaker conversations and interviews laden with background noise, laughter, and other audio artifacts. Such recordings present a test environment that simulates real-world authentication challenges.

“VoxCeleb is a rigorous challenge requiring speaker recognition without passphrases during conversations in unpredictable environments,” commented Konstantin Simonchik, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder of ID R&D. “Our success can be attributed in part to bringing all available resources to bear to achieve the best results. It’s a particularly important win for ID R&D because it demonstrates the performance of our technology under conditions that could be expected in real-world conversations, such as with emerging generative AI-powered chatbot technology.”

Track 2 of the challenge is specifically designed to assess algorithms trained on an open dataset, as opposed to a closed dataset defined by the organizers. ID R&D’s top-ranking performance in this demanding track is a testament to the robustness and adaptability of its IDVoice product. The challenge results further validate the company’s focus on providing market-leading identity security solutions that are also frictionless. The results of the challenge were announced at the VoxSRC Workshop at INTERSPEECH 2023, which took place in Dublin, Ireland August 20-23. INTERSPEECH is the largest digital speech technology event in the world, with sponsorship and active participation of industry leaders in speech and speaker recognition.

ID R&D will demonstrate IDVoice at Voice & AI, taking place September 5-7 in Washington.

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