ID R&D Announces IDLive Face, the First Fully Passive Facial Liveness Detection for Biometric Authentication Systems

Facial anti-spoofing capability requires no user action, greatly simplifying the user experience during facial biometric verification and remote onboarding.

NEW YORK, NY -August 5, 2019 — ID R&D, the award-winning biometrics technology provider offering AI-based voice and behavioral biometrics and voice and face anti-spoofing technologies, today announced the release of the industry’s first production-ready, wholly passive facial liveness detection capability, IDLive™ Face.

Validation facial matching systems work by comparing a person’s face against either a photo from an identity card or a previous image. However, validation facial matching systems are vulnerable to spoofing attacks, such as a fraudster using a photo, video, or mask to pretend to be the actual person. To solve this problem, until today, validation facial matching systems required some active step by the user, whether smiling, moving lips, blinking, moving one’s nose to follow a dot on the screen, or moving the camera. These active approaches to liveness introduce significant friction to the user experience, resulting in poorer results, extra time, and inconvenienced customers.  

ID R&D’s IDLive Face, on the other hand, requires absolutely nothing from the end user for liveness validation. IDLive Face offers a vastly improved authentication experience for customers as it operates entirely in an application’s background. Further, by making the liveness detection process invisible, IDLive Face prevents fraudsters from learning how to try to spoof its proprietary process.

IDLive Face is powered by AI-based algorithms built with years of research by ID R&D and active cooperation with the AI community. The initial release runs on a server architecture and processes an image in near real-time on a typical server. Faster speeds are possible using GPUs. The algorithm works for both native mobile phone-based image capture as well as mobile and desktop web image capture. No special capture software is required. Accuracy rates for false positives and false negatives achieve levels that meet or exceed industry expectations as proven by initial customers.

IDLive Face is available as an SDK and Docker container on Linux and Windows for easy integration with existing or new applications on Android, iOS, and web-based platforms. IDLive Face validation facial matching software is also available in the company’s newest release of SafeChat™, its zero-effort authentication solution for chatbots and virtual assistants.

“IDLive Face requires absolutely no actions from the end user,” said Alexey Khitrov, ID R&D CEO. “Eliminating complexity in the user experience is one of the primary focus areas of our research. After failing to find other solutions in the marketplace that detect facial liveness in a passive way, we set out to solve this incredibly difficult challenge. Armed with excellent real-world results, we are thrilled to offer businesses fully frictionless authentication that aligns with rigorous compliance requirements for onboarding and data management. Our multimodal biometric solutions offer robust security and unrivaled convenience, and we are proud to be powering the future of authentication.”

ID R&D’s IDLive Face validation facial matching software adds to the company’s suite of standalone biometric components and packaged products for voice, behavioral, and voice and face anti-spoofing. Available for mobile apps, web apps, chatbots, conversational interfaces, and messaging platforms, ID R&D technology offers flexible deployment and architecture support.

See a demo of IDLive Face passive facial liveness detection.

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