ID R&D Achieves Breakthrough Voice Biometric Accuracy

Demonstrates accuracy exceeding a PIN for Device Unlock

NEW YORK,  March 4, 2021 — ID R&D, a provider of AI-based voice and face biometrics, today announced that it has achieved a breakthrough in voice biometric accuracy.  Using voice biometrics for the scenario of unlocking a device with spoken voice, ID R&D attained a .01% false acceptance rate and a 5% false rejection rate in the microphone channel in a third-party test. This level of accuracy rivals that of a PIN.

Until now, the security standard for unlocking a mobile device or laptop exceeded what was possible to achieve with spoken voice, relegating voice to a useful convenience for some functions but not sufficient for completely unlocking a device.

There are numerous circumstances where a user needs hands-free access to their device. By saying a short wake-up word or passphrase along with a command, a user can unlock a device and begin interacting with it in a way that is instantly personalized and secure. Unlike other methods of login, voice offers hands free access such as “Okay <mobile device>, open my calendar.” Voice biometrics can now be used to unlock mobile phones, laptops, and IoT devices, as well as mobile and web applications. In the scenario of a  banking app, “Hey <bank>, open my checking account,” would authenticate the user and take them straight to the requested information.

ID R&D consistently leads in voice biometric and anti-spoofing accuracy, obtaining strong results in the most recent NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation: CTS Challenge and a first-place finish in the global 2019 Automatic Speaker Verification Spoofing and Countermeasures Challenge (ASVspoof). The new accuracy advances further build on the company’s best-in-class capabilities.

“ID R&D is laser-focused on R&D efforts that move the market forward and enable new and exciting use cases for biometrics,” said Konstantin Simonchik, Chief Scientific Officer at ID R&D. “Our modern voice biometric algorithms consistently push the limits of what’s possible on voice-enabled devices in terms of size, speed, performance, and convenience. As voice becomes the de facto standard for interacting with everything from our televisions to our cars, biometrics emerge as the most convenient way to quickly identify users for security and personalization.”

The algorithms used to achieve the device unlock results will be incorporated into the next release of IDVoice. ID R&D also recently announced out-of-the -box voice biometrics support for small, ultra-low powered hardware such as NPUs.

A new whitepaper, “Voice Biometric Revolution: Why Voice ID Is Now Secure Enough for Device Unlock,” provides more detail on the described advances and the impact on the user experience. Learn more about ID R&D’s voice biometric products at

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