Cherry Labs Partners With ID R&D To Help Monitor COVID-19 Patients In Assisted Care With AI

PALO ALTO, Calif.July 30, 2020 — Cherry Labs, developer of the AI-based video monitoring technology, has partnered with ID R&D, a biometric solutions provider, to add features that can identify worsening symptoms in COVID-19 patients. With that partnership, Cherry monitoring system will be able to recognize and track the frequency or intensity of coughing.

Cherry’s monitoring system is capable of understanding and analyzing human actions. It allows enterprises to monitor the well-being of their employees and visitors and make labor efficiency measurable from stores and warehouses to industrial facilities. One of the first applications of Cherry is improving the quality of care for the elderly and people with disabilities, particularly those in assisted care facilities.

Cherry helps doctors and caregivers gain confidence that a patient’s worsening symptoms won’t go undetected while limiting the exposure of medical staff and caregivers and preserving the independence and privacy of the individual. The idea to add cough detection came when a resident at a nonprofit assisted care facility that uses Cherry tested positive for COVID-19.

“Artificial Intelligence technology provides the information that caregivers and loved ones need to remotely support individuals while maintaining their safety and security,” says Diana Anderson, Associate Director Community Services at Far Northern Regional Center. “The right supports, monitoring, and alert systems offer safer, healthier independent living. AI can help build the exact support each person needs without providing too much or too little direct caregiving.”

The Cherry system includes a set of smart sensors that capture a person’s movement and behavior, including falls or signs of delirium. The addition of ID R&D’s IDAudio™ sound recognition technology enables it to recognize a worsening cough and other symptoms. Families and caregivers can view short-looped videos of anomalies such as trips, stumbles, cries, or shouts, along with a customizable daily summary of activity and movement – while doctors can assess whether adjustments in treatment or hospitalization might be necessary.

“We’ve been working with ID R&D for some time to determine how audio event detection technology can offer additional input to improve remote monitoring for the elderly and people with disabilities,” says Nick DavidovCherry Labs co-founder. “When this case was presented to us, we knew we could use our joint technology to keep this patient out of the hospital while still monitoring his condition for signs of worsening, namely decreased activity and increased coughing.”

Cherry’s remote patient care technology recognizes a wide range of behavioral signs, including whether people are getting their temperature measured when entering facilities and whether they maintain 6ft distance between each other as required by the local regulations at the moment.

About Cherry Labs
Cherry Labs develops an AI video solution that recognizes people’s actions in real-time. The company was founded in 2017 by Max GoncharovStas Veretennikov, and Nick Davidov to apply AI to the needs of the growing senior population. Now Cherry now satisfies the enterprise market need of converting video streams into actionable data for operational efficiency and workplace safety. The company is based in Palo Alto CA. For more information, please visit

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