Your Log-in Is Your Business; Typing Made Secure: IDBehave

New York, NY: Aug 15, 2017 – ID R&D, a biometric innovator specializing in developing next generation authentication technologies, announced today that it will be releasing one of its most versatile products, IDBehave. IDBehave is a behavioral biometric login solution (patent pending) which results in a straightforward and simple user experience. It is seamless and invisible to the consumer, allowing them to not have to think twice about their login password and security features. This authentication solution can be applied to all devices and can implemented on almost every application that has a keyboard or touch screen. ID R&D created a solution that is so simple on the front-end that you don’t even realize you’re authenticating yourself while typing. By developing an easy-to-apply biometric security login, ID R&D is able to ease the pressure of going through visible security measures that be stressful when you mistype your password and you aren’t aware of it.

IDBehave asks the user to sign up by typing your name once. Then, the user will type their name for the log-in phrase to access their information/site. Currently, it’s not seen on the market that is scalable. ID R&D President, Alexey Khitrov said, “This product is incredibly practical, as you can use it on chat apps, banking apps, just about any app that requires you to log-in. In addition to simply typing your password, you have to know your password – this is knowledge-based authentication. Essentially you just doubled your security features, creating a multimodal authentication for just typing your password.” IDBehave requires a user to simply type a word (login/username) into the mobile device for the multi-modal biometric login. This is the extent of the user experience.

About ID R&D

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