Using Your Voice For Authentication, IDVoice Artificially Intelligent Authentication Solutions

New York, NY: August 5, 2017 – ID R&D announced a new addition to its line-up today, IDVoice. This voice authentication software is not only easy-to-use but has a simple user experience (UX) for the end-users. By making the interaction between end-users and companies innovative and creative, voice recognition will be able to be applied to several applications, such as, touchless banking, patient confirmation for easy data filing and student identification for exams. This technology authenticates the user by analyzing their voice then provides the results within seconds, increasing security and minimizing fraud attacks. In addition, ID R&D strongly believes a multi-modal, multi-factor security solution is the most robust form of authentication.

IDVoice analyzes each person’s voice and calculates over 100 characteristics to authenticate the speaker. Each person has a unique voice signature that makes the user’s biometric signature more secure than traditional security. By installing this voice authentication software solution properly, ID R&D’s voice recognition program can make the login process easier and quicker for the end user, allowing them to shave a few seconds off their time here and there. This accumulation of time can result in more time spent working on one’s projects or work.

Through IDVoice, ID R&D will help companies overcome the challenge of having their end-users spend time and energy on the authentication process and try to provide them with a smooth user experience. This solution identifies then verifies the speaker each time they log into their account. After the initial registration, the user only needs to speak the passphrase and the program will analyze the data points and show the results whether it is a positive match (accept) or a negative match (reject) within seconds.

ID R&D’s foundation is in research and development and includes 25+ years of experience in biometrics. The company builds unique solutions that make life easier for the end-user. ID R&D is a forward-thinking company that develops complicated, science driven biometric technology that is designed to simplify secure authentication process. In order to achieve this goal, ID R&D have built one of the strongest R&D teams in the industry, utilizing the latest scientific breakthroughs in how to build new products and solutions. This scientific strength allows ID R&D to bring new, never seen ideas and create unique and practical solutions.

Alexey Khitrov, CEO and co-found of ID R&D said, “ID R&D is a team knows what’s available and what’s not. The team spent time analyzing the market and found that the customer is looking for an improved security solution for voice biometrics. IDVoice is a prime example of this solution – it offers simplicity and robust security while at the same time, a simple interface. We are focused on providing the best product out there and push the envelope to provide the consumers with what they want. By breaking the mold, we have developed a new product that can verify the speaker using biometrics without having them to do anything more than saying a few words for verification.”

About ID R&D

ID R&D is an award-winning provider of multi-modal biometric security solutions based in New York, NY. With more than 25 years of experience in biometrics, the company’s management and development teams apply the latest scientific breakthroughs to significantly enhance authentication experiences. ID R&D combines a science-driven seamless authentication experience with the capabilities of a leading research and development team. ID R&D’s focus is on behavioral biometrics, voice biometrics, keystroke dynamics, and biometric fusion. Learn more at