ID R&D Awarded Patent For Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication and Liveness Detection

Biometric approach eases login and adoption of multi-factor authentication

NEW YORK,  May 19, 2021 — ID R&D, a provider of AI-based voice and face biometrics, today announced that it has received US Patent 11,023,079, System Method and Apparatus for Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication and Liveness Detection. The patent will issue on June 1 and is further validation of ID R&D’s commitment to delivering unique products that strengthen security without creating friction in the user experience. 

The multi-modal biometric system is an excellent example of how companies can implement the strength of two-factor authentication without added friction. The approach builds on the existing mobile device login process, whereby the user types in their password. The system employs behavioral biometrics based on the user’s typing pattern. At the same time, the camera captures a selfie image of the user and applies facial recognition to match it against the person’s enrolled biometric template. Finally, ID R&D’s unique single frame, passive facial liveness detection checks the same image to ensure it is of a real person and not a spoof. All of this takes no longer than the time needed to type in a password and requires no extra effort while providing multiple layers of security. 

The 2020 State of Password and Authentication Security Behaviors Report, conducted by Ponemon Institute, reports that 23% of individuals find 2FA methods like SMS and mobile authentication apps to be very inconvenient. Biometrics such as facial matching with passive facial liveness offer the most natural and effortless way to add an extra authentication factor. 

ID R&D’s top-rated biometric and liveness products are deployed globally by enterprise customers and OEM partners. The company credits its success to an unwavering focus on delivering products that address a rising need for better security and provide consumers with the convenience and simplicity they demand. 

“There is a growing, and in some cases regulatory, requirement for strong customer authentication that includes at least two independent security factors. Consumers understand the risk but also have a great desire for fast and effortless experiences,” said Konstantin Simonchik, Chief Scientific Officer at ID R&D. “Biometrics provide the unique ability to tick all the boxes and will play an important role in the future of passwordless security.”

ID R&D is advancing the science of biometrics. The company’s IDLive® Face is the first single image, passive facial liveness product to achieve Levels 1 and 2 ISO 30107-3 compliance with a perfect score. The team is also leading in the fight against AI demographic bias. On the voice biometrics front, ID R&D was also recently awarded a patent for Text Dependent Speaker Recognition. 

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