Voice Biometric Solution IDVoice Updated as an Authenticator


When we think of biometric authentication, we tend to think of using our fingerprints or faces to authenticate our devices.

But there’s another option: voice biometric software solution IDVoice. It’s receiving a huge update so that it will now be able to be used as an authenticator and to respond to specific users.

IDVoice v2.11

Voice technology is no stranger to the Internet of things. Many of us use our voices on a daily basis to talk to Alexa, Siri, and Google. We can turn on our lights, change the temperature, run our robotic vacuum, etc.

But what if we could do a little more with it? What if it not only recognized who we are when we make a request but could authenticate as well, just like our voices and fingerprints do?

Storage and processing limitations have meant that until now voice technology had to be used in more limited ways. Our voices provided help but not security. However, IDVoice is changing all that.

The ID R&D press release for IDVoice explains that now available as an SDK, it’s under 1MB, meaning that it’s open to new use cases involving security and personalization, where instead of just recognizing a voice, it can listen, authenticate, and respond.

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