5 Important Differences Between Consumer and Enterprise-Grade Biometrics

Many enterprises allow customers to use their phone’s native biometrics, like Apple’s Face ID, to bypass the normal login process in the company’s mobile app. This approach may be convenient for users, but is it secure?

In order to take control of user authentication and achieve higher levels of security while also gaining the advantage of lower friction in the customer experience, enterprises must deploy enterprise-grade biometrics. This paper explains the key differences between consumer-grade and enterprise-grade biometrics and why using the former exposes companies to a false sense of security and greater risk.

Read the whitepaper to learn how to:

  • Maintain control over your mobile application security
  • Defend against Account Takeovers
  • Use biometrics as a true authentication factor, independent of the user’s device
  • Easily extend biometric authentication to additional customer engagement channels
  • Improve security and deliver a frictionless user experience

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Enterprise-Grade Biometrics WhitePaper